One of the things we’ve always had trouble with at is maximizing useful information on the front page, but without making it too overwhelming. One area that has not been dealt with very well in the past, was regarding Promotional Codes. Normally, every product listed on the main page included a direct link to the Amazon/Sunlu/Creality/etc. site where the product was, bypassing the 3dpringintdeals website product details page. For products where the discounts were already applied, that works fine (and will still be this way for these products!), but for those with promo codes or coupons, you’d have to visit that product details page to see that info. We had the hunch that many of these deals were being missed because that extra (necessary) info was hidden in the product details page.

That has all been fixed now!

Going forward, for any product that has a promo code or a coupon, you’ll have to visit the product details page to see that info BEFORE being able to click on the Amazon/Sunlu/seller link. I know it’s an extra click, but that extra click is worthwhile, since that’s the only way to get that promo/coupon info and get the best deal possible. To put it more “figure”atively:

Before: you could click on “Link to Product Page” for this Ender 5 Pro deal (image below), and it would take you directly to Amazon, but without knowing the promo code, you couldn’t get this printer for anywhere near $209.

Now: magically, that button is now gone (see photo below), but you can click on the title or photo to take you to the product details page…

As mentioned, if you click on that title/photo, you’ll move to the product details page which has the link to the product page, but also the necessary coupon and promo code info (see photo below).

Like I said, this new phantom main page link trick only applies to deals that have promo/coupon info. For all others, they still have the option for a direct link from the main page (see below).

That’s not all folks…

We also tried to make the promo code and coupon info on the product details page a bit more………. obvious. Before, that info was included down in the Description section, but not everyone necessarily scrolled down to check that. Hopefully, having it right before the “Link to Product Page” button, and making it stand out a little more, will ensure that no one misses out on these promos and everyone can maximize their savings!

Out with the old, and in with the new…

What’s even better than all of this sweet new in your face data? If it doesn’t apply to a that deal, it’ll all be hidden. Poof!

We hope you liked this update, we think it’ll make finding deals much easier for everyone!

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