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[Eryone3d] $12+/kg Bulk Deals (10 or more) for PLA, PLA+, PETG, Silk, CF, ASA, etc…


Eryone has bulk deals available directly from their website.

Have to order at least 10 but can mix/match colors.

$12-$14/kg PETG/PLA/PLA+/ASA/ABS

$16-$18/kg Matte PLA/Glitter/Silk


Depending on what you’re getting, you may be better off checking their Independence Day Sale which is still going on until 7/23/22.  Can mix/match type which you can’t do with the other and if you buy enough you can get 50% off.

BUY 3 GET 30% OFF code:Independence Sale30
BUY 6 GET 40% OFF code:Independence Sale40
BUY 10 GET 50% OFF code:Independence Sale50

Orders over $200 will receive an additional 1 roll of filament.
Orders over $300 will receive an additional dry box.

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