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Deals on 3D Printers, Filament, Resin, and Accessories


[CREALITY] Black Friday Deals ($99 Ender 2, $99 LD-006 4K, $132 Ender 3, $71.99 Sprite, more...)


Lots of deals on Creality official sales site, will try to list out things that stand out below, but check full listing here


FDM Printers

$99.99 Ender 2 PRO – 165x165x180mm build volume

  • Seems to only have limited number of these available each day, and deal starts at 3pm EST

$132.30 Ender 3

$175.20 Ender 3 Neo

$239.20 Ender 3 V2 Neo

$273.40 Ender 7 – after promo code: MARS20

$492.15 Ender 5 PLUS

$799.20 CR-10 MAX


Resin machines (all come with free 500g bottle of resin) – Also seems to have limited number available each day

$98.97 LD-006 4K

$144.50 Halot-One

$174.50 Halot-One PRO

$318.45 Halot-Lite



$71.99 Sprite Extruder Pro

$87.99 Sprite Extruder Pro Kit

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