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Deals on 3D Printers, Filament, Resin, and Accessories


BIQU Printer Deals ($169 B1, $199.99 B1 SE PLUS, $289.99 BX, $289.99 Hurakan w/ Klipper)

Coupon Info (at product link below):
$30 - $50 off


$169 BIQU B1 – after $30 off coupon

235x235x270mm build volume, BTT SKR V1.4 silent board, BTT TFT35 V3.0 touch screen, spring steel removable bed


$199.99 BIQU B1 SE PLUS – after $50 off coupon

310x310x340mm build volume, silent board, touch screen, glass bed, inductive auto-leveling


$289.99 BIQU BX – after $50 off coupon

250x250x250mm build volume, Meanwell PS, Dual Z, BIQU H2 Direct Extruder, BTT SKR SE-BX V2.0 silent board, BTT TFT70 touch screen, auto-leveling sensor, spring steel removable bed


$289.99 BIQU Hurakan – after $50 off coupon

220x220x270mm build volume, BTT Manta M4+CB1 silent board (Klipper pre-installed), wireless adapter, auto-leveling sensor,

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