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[ANYCUBIC] Combination Halloween sale and Black Friday promo codes


Some Halloween discounts are still going on, and there’s some Black Friday codes already released that can be applied along with it.

Promo Codes

$20 off $200+ sitewide with code: SLICK20
$10 off $70+ sitewide with code: BFCM10
$5 off $50+ sitewide with code: BFCM5
$2 off $30+ sitewide with code: BFCM2

Main sale page is here.  Details/Links to some specific products below

Some prices after promo codes from above (enter at checkout):

$239 Kobra

$299 Vyper

$179 Photon Mono 4K

$259 Photon M3

$289 Photon Mono X

$339 Photon Mono X2


These two have special promo codes that give additional discounts

$339 Kobra Plus (after $60 off promo code: KPLUS)

$329 Photon Ultra (after $50 off promo code: DLP50)

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