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$75.20 CREALITY Sonic Pad w/ screen protective film and silicone heater block covers

Coupon Info (at product link below):


UPDATE The protective film has sold out, that makes this deal now $92.39.  It may be that comes back in stock so worth checking, but if not, just add the Sonic Pad and Silicon socks to your cart, enter the promo code at checkout and the deal will show up.  Or if you don’t need the silicone socks you can look through the store page here for something you do need.  Most items seem to give the “20% off sonic pad” discount, and some of them also give the silicone socks for free. 

Store Page Link

Look for items with this promo:  


A bit bizarre, but protective film is free if bought with Sonic Pad, it also has 20% off coupon and also gives 20% off Sonic Pad which makes it “more than free”.

Also apply promo code for Sonic Pad: 20VXMSSA

Silicone covers are free with purchase of protective film as well.

Sonic Pad

Protective Film – Grab 20% off coupon before adding to cart.

MK7/MK8/MK9 silicone cover

Could also add this upgrade kit for ~$8 extra (after grabbing 40% off coupon).  But is only $9.54 by itself, you just get an extra tiny bit off if buying it with this combo.


If this combo sticks around for a bit and one of these go on lightning deal, should bring the price down even more, but don’t see anything upcoming in the next 24 hours at least.  Could also add CRTouch but comes up to ~$30 which you can pretty much get at anytime at the moment.

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