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$10-$15.94 Bblife PLA (silks, raainbow, dual color, bundles)


UPDATE:  Didnt notice I had a 10% off targeted promo, all the prices are based on that extra discount.  Some may have the targeted promo, others may not.  You are looking for all these discounts on the page:

It should still be great prices with out the extra 10% off, but that 10% off is what made this an epic deal.


Various promos/coupons on the page, make sure to select them all!



$9.59 yellow

$9.59 Lime Green 

$10.14  Silk PLA Black/Purple/White/Blue 1kg total

$15.94 Silk Shiny 4 Types Rainbow 1kg bundle

$10.14 Black White Sky Blue Orange 1kg bundle

$16.79   Gold Silver White Black Green Purple Red Blue  2kg bundle ($8.40/kg)

$10.49  Silk White Red, White Green, White Blue, White Purple, 1.75mm Dual Color Bicolor 1kg

$10.49  Silk Purple/Blue, Red/Gold, Lime Green/Blue, Yellow/Pink, 1.75mm Dual Color 1kg bundle

$10.14  Silk Yellow/Lime Green/Sky Blue/Red 1kg bundle

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