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Deals on 3D Printers, Filament, Resin, and Accessories


3DF Filament ($11.99/kg PETG, $12.71/kg PLA, $12.71/kg ABS, $12.74/kg Silk, $18.71 Silk dual color)


These types of listings are somewhat of a pain with so many options of different materials and everything is priced differently.  Will try to get everything with direct links below:


Orange to White color change – $12.71/kg

Purple to Pink color change – $13.46/kg

Coral – $12.71/kg


Silk PLA

Cyan $12.74/kg

Bronze $13.49/kg

Red Gold dual color $16.46/kg

Purple Gold dual color $18.71/kg

Green Red dual color $18.71/kg

Gold Silver dual color $18.71/kg

Gold Copper dual color $18.71/kg



Coral – $11.99/kg

Transparent Green – $11.96/kg



Blue – $12.71

Green – $13.87/kg

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