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15% off site-wide at Polymaker w/ promo code: 3DPDEALSFIRSTTRY

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If you’re not familiar with Polymaker, they’re a filament manufacturer with a pretty wide variety or products.  To help encourage the community to try some of their products, they’ve offered a 15% off promo code to enter at checkout on their official sales site:  3DPDEALSFIRSTTRY

This appears to be valid for every product I tested with.  Below are some examples, but I encourage you to look around their site as they have a very wide offering of colors and materials (ABS/TPU/ASA/CF/PC/Nylon/etc…)

$16.99/kg PolyTerra PLA (matte, and pastel)

$18.69/kg PolyLite PLA

$21.24/kg PolyLite PLA Pro

$25.49/750g PolyMax PLA

$29.74/kg PolyLite PLA-CF

$18.69/kg PolyLite PETG

$25.49/750g PolyMax PETG

$25.49/kg PolyLite ASA

$18.69/kg PolyLite ABS

$55.24 PolyBox Edition II – 2 spool dry-box (not active dryer)


Free shipping on orders over $75

And if you’re looking for more information regarding specifics of their products, you can visit their Material Comparison page, or drop into their weekly YouTube live stream (every Thursday @6:30pm PST) where they have representatives talking about their products and answering questions: https://www.youtube.com/c/Polymaker


And if you’d prefer Amazon, here is their storefront.

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