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Deals on 3D Printers, Filament, Resin, and Accessories


$11.99/2000g (or $19.99/4000g) ANYCUBIC Plant-Based resin


Lightning Deal on this just started and is pretty nice. Pick any two of the plant-based items and get 2 for 1 discount along with lightning deal price.  For me, it was $11.99 for 2000g of resin or can get 4000g for $19.99

Link to entire listing here


The 2packs that make up the 4000g deal are a little hard to find, direct links below:

2x 1000g Black

2x 1000g Clear

2x 1000g Grey


Direct links to 1kg bottles

1000g Grey

1000g Black

1000g White

1000g Green


**EDIT** And another option, can get 2x 500g bottles for $6.99

500g White

500g Green

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