Giveaway/contest info at the bottom of this post, but print/share to possibly win one of 4x $25 Amazon Gift Cards, ends Aug 31st.

And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone that participated in this giveaway/contest! There were so many amazing submissions, picking a favorite ended up needing some RNG help as well. The winners are shown below, congrats to all of you!
Kyle Chong, twitchkippy, sniperman, and Jonathan Lee

We’ve designed a 3dpdeals maker-coin, printable as a single-material or multi-material. This was designed to be a print-in-place fidget, but also customizable by inserting some little bits of 1.75mm filament, any color you want! Just slide filament in from the outside until it stops, then cut it off flush. It should be a tight fit that locks in place when deforming the flush cut.

To spread this around and have a little fun, we are going to do a giveaway as well. You can print the single-material version or the multi-material version to enter, both are linked here on Printables. After printing, just post a photo to social media according to the giveaway rules below.

Giveaway/Contest Rules and Information

Print the maker-coin, put filament in the spokes, and post a picture to social media in one of the locations below. To win, you must be willing to provide your email address (to send the prize), and must respond within 72hrs of winner notification (via DM in the social platform you won in) to claim your prize. The giveaway/contest period ends August 31st, 2023. There will be 4x $25 Amazon Gift Card winners:

You can only post your photos (don’t steal someone else’s) and photos must show filament in the spokes (automatic DQ if you don’t).

Each person can have one entry per social media platform (DQ if more than 1), but you can enter in all three! For example, you can post an entry in Twitter AND Facebook AND Discord, but can’t have multiple entries on Twitter.

We’ll reach out to winners within 3 days of contest end time (August 31, 2023 at 11:59pm ET).