One thing we’ve learned since starting 3D Printing Deals is that everyone has their favorite app or social media site. Some people like Twitter, others love Facebook, and quite a few hate both and prefer email. We’ve had a people reach out requesting us to start a Telegram Channel, which seems to be growing in popularity. While we aren’t Telegram experts, we did our best to implement a bot that auto-shares any new deal we put on the website to our new Telegram Channel. Telegram users, rejoice! (and please consider adding us into your feeds)

Joining is completely anonymous to other members in the channel, and the only interaction currently enabled is “reactions” (which are also anonymous). So feel free to jump in and thumbs up deals you like, thumbs down the ones you don’t, etc. We really do look at this kind of feedback to determine what type of deals people want most.

Quickest Deal Notifications

One of the big advantages to using Telegram, as opposed to following the site’s RSS feed and the associated email/IFTTT integration tutorial, is that you’ll get notifications much more quickly. The IFTTT applet runs every 10-20mins, but the Telegram bot will post within a couple of seconds.

Also, we usually generate a website deal/listing first, and then distribute that out to various social media channels, so Telegram will be the fastest way to get notified. This will be especially helpful for Legendary/Epic deals that have limited quantity and often end before the IFTTT applet would even generate an email.

Be wary of too many deals…

If you don’t want notifications for everything that’s posted, but still want to see an easy/quick scroll-through of deals every now and then, don’t feel bad AT ALL (actually, I’ve muted my own feed, so I completely get it!). Rather than leaving, just “mute” our channel if you can’t handle all the deals.

Thanks so much for reading this! If you have any comments or feedback, contact us on social media at the locations below, or fill out our website feedback form here.

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