We’ve had quite a few followers ask us over the last year or so to create a Discord server to share deals. Honestly, we really drug our feet for a long while because we didn’t have much experience with Discord and wasn’t sure it would be worthwhile. We were soooo wrong. Over the last few weeks we’ve set up a 3D Printing Deals Discord server, and started getting a few people to join/test it out… and now we are hooked! We think its ready to open it up to the world, so come join us by clicking the link above (also here: https://discord.gg/Y5Ke2SHHyc)!

Why? What is so much different and better about it?

As great as FB, Twitter, etc. can be, there is very little community customization available. Discord, on the other hand, has a TON of customization available! We can setup multiple channels for various types of chat. Like I said, we are new to Discord, and have gotten some great suggestions that we’ve implemented already. We are open to your suggestions and constructive feedback on the server/channel structure. Speaking of channels, just to name a few:

I think the best part is… each user can customize their notifications. Each channel can be customized for notifications, so you don’t get too many pings from channels you aren’t as interested in. Come check it out and give it a test.

We are still posting everything to our website, and will keep using Twitter/Facebook/Telegram/Instagram/etc., but I really think this will be a great hub for quick communication with us, sharing ALL THE DEALS, and engaging with other amazing people in the community. Come check it out!

Thanks so much for reading this! If you have any comments or feedback, contact us on social media at the locations below, or fill out our website feedback form here.

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