Giveaway over, congrats to the winners! The $25 Amazon Gift Cards winners are:

Sepp/Dirt Farmer Industries

Announcements on Twitter and Facebook if you want to tell them congrats!

Our 3D Printing Deals Facebook Group ( has sneakily grown to 5K members, and we are re-opening our Instagram page (, which seems like good enough reasons to celebrate!

This time, we are giving away 4x $25 Amazon Gift Cards (runs to end of Nov).

Lastly, we’ve gotten some really good feedback on the Telegram channel, and people seem to like having “first dibs” on deals (everything posted on the site gets to telegram the fastest). If that interests you, join our feed here:

Gleam giveaway info below (or direct link here:

3DPDEALS Facebook Group 5K Giveaway

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