If you hadn’t already heard, Amazon Prime Day is coming up soon, July 12th-13th 2022.

This post isn’t meant to capture 3d printing Prime Day deals, those will be shown on the main product page as they come and go, but instead to show some of the pervasive Prime Day savings opportunities.

There are a number of Prime Day “credits” you can get, and can do some of this to build those credits up prior to July 12th. You must be an Amazon Prime member to get these credits. If you aren’t already, check the info at the bottom to sign up.

Amazon Prime Day Stampcard

This runs from June 16th to July 13th, and you need to complete 4 qualifying actions to earn an easy $10 in Amazon credits.

For more info, check out Amazon’s Prime day stampcard (up to $10 in credits).

Prime Day Credits

This one is a little harder to explain. Essentially, there are certain items on Amazon that allow “earning” monetary credits for Prime Day. A few examples:

For more info, check out the Amazon Prime day credits (up to $60 in credits) page.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

There are multiple ways to sign up for Amazon Prime. You can purchase a regular membership, student membership, or even a 30-day free trial. All info is below:

There are some other Amazon offers as well:

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