3DPrintingDeals.com and all 3dpdeals accounts are run by two brothers from the midwest who are hobby-level 3d printing enthusiasts like you. A couple years ago we were discussing how it’d be nice if there was a reliable place to find filament deals. When we couldn’t really find one, we decided to try and become that source for filament and other 3d printing related deals. Our first efforts were on Twitter with the intention to make sure that everything posted provides benefit to the community. As with any new social media account experiences, it took quite a while for people to notice. But slowly we gathered a decent following and the feedback was always extremely positive (and continues to be to this day). Realizing that not everyone uses Twitter, we expanded to Facebook, Facebook Group, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, and most recently a Discord Community Server.

This site is the next step in that progression, allowing folks to bookmark an easy to use location for deals on 3D printing items. One of they key things we wanted to do was to provide a “deal archive” that anyone could look through. Sites like Keepa or CamelCamelCamel are great for prices, but Amazon in particular has so many different ways to discount items that aren’t tracked there it’s hard to tell what a good “deal price” is and how often they come around. We certainly focus on Amazon products as of now, mostly because that’s what we typically use and shipping/return policies are top notch. Most of the larger companies also have an official sales site which we also monitor for deals. We have plans to expand our searches going forward and add some new capabilities to the site as we discover where the needs are.

We post deals that we would buy, and oftentimes do. We try to stay away from product recommendations as there are already many great resources available for reviews. Also, everyone’s approach to 3D printing is different and needs can vary quite a bit. Some people like the troubleshooting/upgrading/improving aspect more than others, and some really want a reliable machine and consistent filament colors. For pretty much every product there will be some positive and negative feedback, so do whatever works for you. Try something, test it out, and if you ultimately don’t like it, send it back.

We’ve been aided in our efforts as some of our posts are found by others and messaged to us or shared across the various platforms we’re on. We try our best to give proper attribution when that occurs, and we encourage anyone interested in searching for and sharing deals to join our Facebook group or simply contact us if you’d prefer we share. A special thanks goes to the moderators of that group who help us out tremendously, James Smith. They’re active deal hunters and also do the lion’s share of moderating the group. James also runs a 3D Printing Deals subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/3DPrintingDeal) if you prefer that platform and does an excellent job of keeping things clean and up to date.

Update: we’ve recently expanded to Telegram, Instagram, and Discord. Go here to view all of our social connections.

3D printing is a great hobby with an amazing community, and we hope 3DPrintingDeals.com helps you find an affordable way to enjoy it!

Archived/Expired Deals

Only active deals are shown on the homepage, but there is a significant archive of older deals posted and archived. Please feel free to use either the “active search” to find something specific that is an active deal, or look through the expired deals listings, linked below. All “expired” deals will be clearly marked as such (with an “expired” stamp in the corner). We may not catch when the deal dries up immediately, but we try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. If you see one we missed, feel free to Contact Us.

Deal Rarity (Loot Categories)

It’s possible that only gamers will recognize this categorization/color-scheme, but 3DprintingDeals.com uses loot rarity tagging, which is relatively standard in the gaming community. According to Wikipedia, this was popularized by Diablo, but we think it fits here quite well. The names are pretty self-explanatory, and are shown below (properly color-coded) in order of increasing “rarity”.

Affiliate Programs

100% transparency: we make a small commission on sales when you use our affiliate links. If you choose not to use the links, that’s perfectly fine. If you find value in this site, then feel free to use the links, share them around with friends to help save them money on printers, filament, parts, resin, accessories, and more… None of this will ever cost you more money than searching for it yourself, but our hope is we can save you a lot!

Currently, 3DPrintingDeals.com has affiliate connections with Amazon.com, US.Polymaker.com, Store.Creality.com, Sovol3d.com, Anycubic.com, and SUNLU.com.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out on Social Media or Contact Us.

Happy 3D Printing Everyone!