If you were ever going to click the blog URL to read more, this is the one!

New website!

Our website has recently undertaken a significant overhaul, which has added a lot of capability, but also changed some things (specifically for those that were subscribed and/or use the RSS feed, more on that below).

RSS updates

For those using RSS, just update the URL to the following and it should start feeding deals again: https://3dprintingdeals.com/feed/?post_type=product


First, thank you all so much for subscribing and getting deals delivered to your email inbox. With all of the new fancy website updates, unfortunately the new product system implemented in the site doesn’t allow for “subscribed” email notifications anymore… 🙁

But wait, there is still an easy way to get email notifications for new deals posted! I put a write-up together to do this here: https://3dprintingdeals.com/want-to-be-notified-of-future-deals/ . This approach works for gmail, but I’m sure a similar approach will work for non-gmail users. If you have any issues or concerns, reach out via social media or via website feedback form.

Check out the new site

Take a look at the site directly or checkout the image grabs above. There are a number of new features, and all of the old functionality is still present… but better!

-There are a lot more deals easily viewed on a single page. We condensed things a lot to show more deals without infinite scrolling.
-Product links go straight to the product, but image/title links go to the product page with more info (promo codes, discount info, etc.).
-The deal rarity color scheme is still there, but a bit more subtle (if you don’t know about that read the about page here).
-There are new “labels” on each post giving a quick ID in the top corner of what that post is. The ones shown in the first image are on the homepage (which hides “expired” deals), but in the category menus sometimes an expired tag shows up. Also, keep a look out for the special lightning deals flag as well!
-Expired items are very clearly marked, but hidden from the homepage. Feel free to search the archives to find prior deals to compare (which will include active and expired). As an aside, if you notice that a deal is expired, please click that button on the product page to notify us so we can mark it accordingly and remove it from the main page (if you’ve done that already, thank you so much, it’s a huge help to us!).

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as we enjoyed making it. Please take a look around, and feel free to let us know what you think. Thank you for your support!

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